Thursday, 6 March 2014

Marketing Intern的手札筆記

Work: organising the sponsor list of Beijing Olympic information.
Training (by Mike):
Definition of marketing:
1. Identification of a need among a group of consumers or business
2. Development of a product or service solves this needs
3. Promotion of that product/services to the gap of consumer/business in question
What marketing director focus:
Acquisition: get new customers
Retention: reputation, maintain CRM
Development: CRM, customer life cycle
Marketing Agency:
- Third party that a brand may choose to outsource some or all of its marketing and PR requests
- Puclicis (French company)
- Dentsu (Japan)
- Havas (US)
- Aegis
- Omnicom
Holding companies:
- BrandUnion (client)
Independent Agency
- Interbrand
Design and Branding
1. Brand Strategy
- Unique Selling Propositin
- the value of  brand
- Brand guideline
- How consumer perceive about a brand
- What cmopany want to present its image
2. Brand design
- Aesthetics: logo, colour, Ad, website, font, tagline, slogan, name, artwork, jingle, packaging, Name
eg. Brand name in Asia (4=death), focus on understandable, relevant in translation
3. Brand implementation
Manifestation of a brand design in a physical environment
eg, office, retail design, environment, sign
including TV, radio, billboard(OOH out-of-home), print, ambient media
in ad agency they do:
1. creative work: idea ( brainstorming, artwork, storyboarding- copywriter)
2. production: implementation (filming, editing, printing, post-production)
eg, Ogilvy, Satchi&Satchi, Lowe, Mother London(client), VCCP
Media buying and Planning
Based on the objectives a business has, making a desition on which paid media platforms the brand should appear, in order to reach its target audience, and negotiating with the media owners to secure the best rates
- researches of media consumption: find out the target audience behaviour
Media Planning:
Deciding on the ‘mix’ of media platforms you want to advertise on, based on an understanding of the audience groups you are looking to reach.
Media Buyinjg:
Negotiating the best (cheapest) rates with media owners, including commercial TC, Station, mags, newspapers, websites
Attributes that media agency use:
1. demographic: Age, sex, culture, ethnicity, location, postcode, social class, net-worth(wealth), marital status, education, occupation, Home owner, parent (It is important to ask interviewee about their target audience)
2.  Behaviour: Tech-savvy (Twitter user), Early-adopters, Fitness fanatics, media consumption habits, travel enthusiasts, outdoor types, loyal customer, regular customer, occasional customer, never purchase from you before
e.g. MediaCom (stormberg), Zenith Optimedia
Social Economic Class:
A :high net-worth individual, e.g. business owners, entrepreneur, top barrister, aristocracy, lottery owner
B: high-skilled earner, e.g. Doctor, Lawyer, financial director
C1: skilled middle class worker. e.g. teacher, estate agent
C2: unskilled service sector workers, e.g. shop assistant
D: Labour/ manual worker
E: unemployer
Public Relation (PR)
relationship with journalist, bloggers…. CRM, stakeholders relationship
who responsible for this? marketing director, communication director, marketing and communication director
1. media relations: building relations with media
2. press office management: respond to journalist (mostly outsourced)
3. pubic affair/ lobbying: when a product is highly regulated by law or need a licence to sell e.g. wine, tobacco (dark art)
4. Financial PR/ Investor Relations: make sure financial performance is reported in a good way and right place, which can increase awareness most effectively. Stockholder relationship, communication, newsletter…. Raise the profile of IPOs news by building websites, awareness, communication. All related to stock market.
5. Crisis Communications: scandal, environment issue…
6. Media trainning: train senior executive for TV interviewing
7. Internal communications/ employee engagement: newsletters, events///
8. Speaking engagements
9. Sponsorship
10. Social meida
11. Content and copywriting: blogging, opinion, press, email
12. community-led initiatives and philanthropy: CSR
13. Measurement of the success of PR initiatives: Google Analytics, metrics….